Integrated Performance Solutions


Strategic Alignment and Execution

The first step in the engagement process is an "outside-in” approach. This means we explore and capture the critical few deliverables and behaviors that are predictive of success through the Results Map framework.  


Strategic Results Map

·       Solicit a shared understanding of stakeholder’s needs, the results that must be delivered and the associated measures of success.

·       Define the lead measures and behaviors predictive of achieving results.

·       Understand the Personal, Social and Structural environments required to support the predictive behaviors.

·       Explore a selection of insightful and customized training modules aligned to facilitate the required behavior change.

·       Define the consistent leadership and coaching metrics required to energize and guide the organization toward its purpose.

·       Be exposed to a simple and empowering online strategy, execution and performance enhancement tool that provides alignment and focus.


 EpicIT online performance management aligned to strategy  

  1.  Simplify Organizational Strategy to a 1 page document incorporating all key imperatives and enabling communication at all levels.
  2. Cascade and customize strategy to all departments and individuals.
  3. Individually developed 1 page performance agreements incorporating objectives, measures, deadlines and a personal development plan.
  4. Individual weekly commitments logged, aligned to deliverables and visible to the team thus enabling communication, collaboration and meaningful weekly accountability.
  5. Simple comprehensive and customized scorecards aligned to team and organizational deliverables with built-in computing and reporting thus enabling meaningful, objective performance management. 
  6. Cross functional project management and reporting enabling line-of-sight between project leader and team members independent of  formal reporting lines.
  7. Fully customizable 360 appraisals, self staff and customer surveys (for internal and/or external focus) and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality.  

·         “90 percent of managers are typically either distracted or disengaged from key organizational objectives…confusing frenetic motion with constructive action, they are noted for their unproductive busyness.” —Heike Bruch and Sumantra Ghoshal 

For more information on Epic please look at the interactive PDF and follow the link to our website