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Modular Performance Training

Having established the outside-in imperatives through the 'Results Map' we move to the "inside-out" components.

Much of life is about making promises to ourselves to others and to our customers.

Promises create hope and a context for purposeful activity. They help us engage intellectually and emotionally with the task at hand as we work toward their envisioned outcomes.  Keeping promises creates trust and loyalty. 

However, making promises also unleashes a conspiracy of barriers!  Barriers on the inside of us, in our environments and in our systems.  Barriers threaten the successful delivery of our promises and our reputations. 

Keeping promises inevitably requires changes in behavior. The roots of behavior and the power to change run deep and weave through personal, social and structural layers of reality.


Our ability to perform lies in harnessing the latent capabilities of our tri-part nature and directing them towards Results that Matter.

1.    The Spirit: The incubator of motivation

2.    The Soul: The integrator of spiritual and physical dimensions spawning competence.

3.    The Body: The expression of motivation and competence through behavior.


The core of model is defined by the Greek word 'logos'. In this section we explore foundational ideas that underpin behavior change and result achievement.  

The word Logos emerged 600 BC through the work of Heraclitus of ancient Greece. He is acknowledged as the founder of Science. He believed in the necessity of scientific inquiry - probing the natural world asking how and why things were the way they were.  He looked for patterns or 'laws' to see if he could deduce logic behind the operation of the natural world. He chose the word 'logos' to stand for 'the reason why', 'the purpose behind what took place'. When he looked at Life 'Bios' he looked for the 'logos'. When he looked at the Weather 'meteor' he looked for the 'logos'. These are roots of our modern words biology, meteorology, etc.


The blue segment of the model defines the intangible spiritual dimensions of individuals teams and organizations.  

The orange segment defines the tangible and measurable dimensions.  

The green segment defines the essential integration faculties of the soul.


There are 3 distinct levels of result achievement.

·       Individual Productivity

·       Team Performance

·        Organizational Credibility


Facilitated processes are designed to empower learners to conceptualize and appropriate vital messages and practical methodologies that enable them to engage in the behaviors predictive of the results they seek.