Integrated Performance Solutions



While coaching models proliferate, coaching is fundamentally a dialogue between a coach and coachee in a dynamic exchange toward a clear objective.

Coaching is integral to our human experience. From the fundamentals of raising children and equipping them with knowledge attitudes and skills to master their environments to training soldiers, athletes and artists. We have all experienced and offered coaching. We don't always recognise it as such because it is often informal and unstructured. It has only been in the last 2 decades or so that coaching models with an intrinsic logic backed up by psychology and education have begun to be adopted in the business world and are being adopted at an unprecedented rate.


While traditional training models are criticized on the grounds that they do not result in sustained behaviour change, their value is exponential when combined with coaching in specific life or business challenges that demand new answers to new questions. The coaching interaction explores the application of theory and aspiration and through research and interaction helps individuals and teams arrive at new answers and enact new behaviours.

IPSconsulting offers coaching in 3 spheres:

  1. Life skills coaching with an individual focus
  2. Professional Performance with an individual focus
  3. Conjunctive Coaching: A team coaching process that integrates theoretical leadership frameworks with coal face business challenges through a 'conjunctive learning and coaching process'. 


Life Skills Coaching

Life coaching is an ongoing relationship which focuses on coachees taking action toward the realization of their visions, goals and desires. Life skills coaching is typically more holistic than other types of coaching incorporating values, vision, purpose, home/work balance relationships and health

  • Engagement and inquiry for personal discovery.
  • Build levels of awareness and responsibility.
  • Refine Personal Results Map.
  •  Barriers and challenges relating to predictive behaviours:
  1. Personal issues
  2. Relationship issues
  3. Structural realities
  • Provide structured support and feedback.


Business focus and execution

An ongoing or time-bound dynamic series of job embedded interactions between coachee and coach designed to diagnose and reinforce/correct behaviours specific to an individual and their deliverables.

  • Clarify the 'Business Results Map'. Ensure Line of Sight with the Organisation
  • Clarify the coach's role in agreed results
  • Clarify the coachee’s role in the agreed results.
  • Identify barriers and challenges relating to predictive behaviours:
  1. Personal: Motivation, Competence, Behaviour.
  2. Team: Engagement, Synergy, Accountability.
  3. Structural: Agreements and Systems.
  • Provide structured support and feedback.


Conjunctive Coaching

The golden key to agile execution is to employ a mechanism that will foster and integrate new learning into 'on the job' behaviour change for results that matter.

Conjunctive coaching gives legs to the imperative of continuous learning and creative problem solving at all levels and provides a mechanism to cascade and integrate the desired culture and training all the way to the front line.

Conjunctive coaching is a team centered learning process using a job embedded imperative as a starting point for the acquisition and integration of new knowledge.

Team members identify issues relating to a shared business challenge. They share traditional answers and current knowledge on the challenge. They determine what they still need to know, and how and where to access new information. Through observational study, prescribed reading, research and group sharing they address the business challenge.

This powerful facilitated approach enables the transformation of paradigms practices and character through collaborative learning and application in team and individual contexts. Character transformation, leadership skills, and job related competence are measured and accounted for and uploaded onto the companies performance profiling system.The skills of synergistic problem solving are learned and practiced and the team create new and better solutions.

The proposed solutions are presented to management for consideration and varying degrees of implementation.